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I’m procrastinating on homework for THIS?

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Y’know, listening to old video game music after hearing the “Vote or Die” slogan tossed around one too many times can cause me to go just a bit crazy with Corel Photo-Paint…

Vote Or Die: edited screenshot of the Skate or Die title screen

…apologies to any of the original programmers and graphic designers, of course.

(Apparently I have more free time on my hands than I had previously thought…)


We love to crash and it shows

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Via The Risks Digest:

Photos of a Windows crash at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta. Yep, that’s very clearly a VBScript runtime error of some sort…

And here’s the original posting, with a bit more detail on the circumstances of the crash.


As if you needed more evidence that I was weird…

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I don’t think I ever posted this to my blog, but it’s good for amusement, if nothing else… I’m not sure narcissistic personality disorder fits to the extent the test claims– I don’t exactly seek attention and praise or exaggerate my achievements, and although I am choosy about picking friends, it’s mainly because my personality is just so weird— but the descriptions of schizotypal and avoidant personality disorders are a bit too close for comfort! 🙂

Disorder Rating
Paranoid: Moderate
Schizoid: Moderate
Schizotypal: Very High
Antisocial: Moderate
Borderline: Moderate
Histrionic: Low
Narcissistic: High
Avoidant: Very High
Dependent: High
Obsessive-Compulsive: High

Personality Disorder Test – Take It!


The results…

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Mercer University Binary Bears Team A– the team that I’m on– ended up placing first in the undergraduate division and third overall. Once again, we’ve broken our own record. As it’s often said in geek dialect… w00t.


A buzzing question…

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Does anyone reading this blog have a videotape (or DVD recording, or video capture) of the 1997 Spelling Bee episode of “Cheap Seats” on ESPN Classic? Right now, I’m in Melbourne, Florida for this year’s ACM regional programming competition, and the hotel at which I’m staying just happens to carry ESPN Classic… right now, Cheap Seats is mocking the 1994 Bee, and it’s hilarious. Yeah, this is the first time I’ve seen the show; I don’t get the channel at home or on campus. ::sigh::

So that’s why I’m asking. If anyone out there has a recording of the episode in question, leave a comment here on this post or drop me a line through the “e-mail me” link over to the right.

Edited 2004/11/07 to add: Thanks to a generous ESPN employee, I have a copy of the 30-minute version of the episode. Now if only I could find the hour-long version they aired as a pilot… I suppose they might have that somewhere in their archives. 🙂


Mournful contemptible, indeed!

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I swear, I get the most absurd spam in my inbox. Here’s one from tonight’s batch of junk mail, titled “RE: Payment N441511237”, completely unaltered except for the removal of the advertiser’s URL:

Dear Blog.

We glad to inform you about our October discountskant.
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Your discount code is: nikko.

Confirmation address is:
[URL deleted]

Thank you.
With regards,
Customers staff
Clients manager: mournful contemptible

Cataloque update. Clients information. Id: giraffe

Really, guys. You could at least try to look vaguely legitimate, but you can’t even be bothered to try hiding your pitiful attempts at filter-bait…


From the “why it’s important to proofread” files

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 11:29 am – Spelling counts, for some people

LIVERMORE, Calif. (AP) — A $40,000 ceramic mural was unveiled outside the city’s new library and everyone could see the misspelled names of Einstein, Shakespeare, Vincent Van Gogh, Michelangelo and seven other historical figures.


TV station KRON has a slightly different version of the article with not just a clear photo of one of the misspellings but also a video clip about the errors.

And I hope I’m not the only one who’s noticed the irony in the Associated Press’ claim that the artist “offered no apologizes” for the misspellings, an error found in both USA Today’s and KRON’s version of the article…

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