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Time for yet another round of spamonyms…

Filed under: Spam — codeman38 @ 3:37 am

Ah, yes, it’s been a while since I last posted a set of these. So, without further ado, here are some… rather interesting… pseudonyms that I’ve found in the “From” lines of junk e-mail:

  • Smacking B. Cloak
  • Merits E. Briefcases
  • Sworn R. Haunts
  • Lana G. Footballer
  • Brothel I. Abridge
  • Abashed Q. Spin
  • Faucet H. Defensive
  • Blackberries C. Neighed
  • Trunks R. Lanterns
  • Caligula T. Gunshots
  • Rubbished P. Forklifts
  • Impious Q. Dickeys
  • Monsoon P. Pixy
  • Answer O. Waves
  • Potentialities L. Enameling
  • Biggest E. Guarani
  • Sailfish O. Jouncing
  • Condor E. Catechism
  • Unreasonable M. Boysenberries
  • Umpteen S. Whirlpool
  • Evil B. Neatly
  • Apennines C. Melanomata
  • Experimentation F. Conjuncture



Mournful contemptible, indeed!

Filed under: Spam — codeman38 @ 12:41 am

I swear, I get the most absurd spam in my inbox. Here’s one from tonight’s batch of junk mail, titled “RE: Payment N441511237”, completely unaltered except for the removal of the advertiser’s URL:

Dear Blog.

We glad to inform you about our October discountskant.
Our store sell now all pricelist positions with 98% discountnaturopath.
You can dwnload most popularsherrill positions for 1% of real prce.
Also we have update our cataloguecolombia, now we have more and new version prog.rams.
Our full catalogue with 11586 fresh and unique so.ftware titles.
Your discount code is: nikko.

Confirmation address is:
[URL deleted]

Thank you.
With regards,
Customers staff
Clients manager: mournful contemptible

Cataloque update. Clients information. Id: giraffe

Really, guys. You could at least try to look vaguely legitimate, but you can’t even be bothered to try hiding your pitiful attempts at filter-bait…


Mr. Malfunctions, on line 2…

Filed under: Spam — codeman38 @ 12:45 pm

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to beat the spamonym I mentioned a few days ago, but this one comes close:

“Prominently G. Malfunctions”

Honestly, I’m not sure I’d want to buy medications from a Prominently Malfunctions. That just seems risky. 🙂

Edited 9:43 PM to add: The spam folder tonight contains still more absurd prescription drug ads, this time from “Waggles L. Grief” and– I kid you not– “Hippopotami C. Spitballs”. There’s just no way you can make these names up!


Really, I ought to just consolidate these into a single post…

Filed under: Spam — codeman38 @ 2:23 pm

From the latest batch of spam; as usual, all of these oddly named ‘individuals’ are trying to sell me medication:

“Allyson Allison”
“Anglos I. Benevolently”
“Chasm C. Dehydrates”

And, what may be the Best Spamonym I’ve Ever Seen… this one even blows Blasts O. Booty out of the water:

“Paprika R. Vaginas”.

No, really; I’m not making that up. You can’t make this stuff up… sometimes spam is stranger than fiction. 🙂


But what does the V stand for?

Filed under: Spam — codeman38 @ 8:17 pm

OK, this spam is just getting insane. The latest Ridiculously Obvious Pseudonyms from the spam files:

“Savageness V. Forgo”
“Missy V. Precipitating”
“Evinced Q. Penknife”
“Dodders U. Supplanting”
“Remover V. Wintergreen”

These things just seem to be getting more and more absurd…


Spam, spam, medications and spam

Filed under: Spam — codeman38 @ 9:59 am

From the spam files… All of these, uh, individuals, were selling medications:

“Chipping H. Squareness”
“Cogent H. Foraged”
“Parishes A. Employers”
“Postoperative E. Calcified”
“Republish H. Vassal”

Once again, I ask: Who do these spammers think they’re fooling?

Edited to add: Just after I originally posted this, I received solicitations from “Longhorns A. Gesticulation” and “Spec Q. Termly”. The spamonyms have returned in full force!


The spamonyms just don’t stop

Filed under: Spam — codeman38 @ 11:39 am

Still more bizarre pseudonyms taken from the From lines of junk e-mail:

“Narration H. Hangnail”, “Satirizes J. Bucolics”, “Expense F. Bellyache”, and “Beatifies A. Backwards” were all trying to sell me medications.

Meanwhile, “Socorro’Looney” was trying to sell me a mortgage. Or, more accurately, a “mort[gage]”. Hey, can’t be any more looney than Senor Cardgage


The latest from the nonsensical spam files

Filed under: Spam — codeman38 @ 8:15 am

All formatting, of course, is exactly as in the original. As is all the nonsensical gibberish. Only the link has been changed, to avoid promoting the spammer’s site.

Subject: Cheaper than curium acumen
From: “Dwight Gardner” <seauilzf@christian.com>

Hey Georgia,

All discount M-E-D prices you asked about are ready.
T VIC_XAN_CIAL-VAL-ALL OTHERS can be sent right to your door.
Everything is here_ No Dr VISIT

Also strabismic share axe and buteo hashish.
Ty thinks avuncular biz rapt.


When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way you will command the attention of the world. – George Washington Carver (1864-1943)

PKgdaR2hkn Ill moider da bum. – Heavyweight boxer Tony Galento; when asked what he thought of William Shakespeare

Yeah, that curium acumen is pretty expensive, I must admit…


More spamblogging…

Filed under: Spam — codeman38 @ 8:08 pm

OK, this one has to be shared in full, just because it’s so utterly… nonsensical. The link’s been munged to avoid promoting the spammer’s site, but everything else is as in the original e-mail:

Subject: Live complete life today! High-quality medication only at our site.
From: “Jiggle E. Capitol” <frictional@verbaldiarrhoea.com>

reviviscent detouring impecuniary underfrock pharynx
Searching for pills? shippo inappositely umptieth
Nature has given us two ears, two eyes, and but one tongue-to the end that we should hear and see more than we speak. bocce failles
It is always the same: once you are liberated, you are forced to ask who you are. uncommercialness drinkability.

Gotta admit, Mr. Capitol’s e-mail address is quite apt! (Or should I call him Jiggle?)


Spam is the new absurdism

Filed under: Spam — codeman38 @ 1:26 pm

Not as good as his polysyllabic cousins, I’ll admit, but this spam pseudonym is still oddly amusing: “Chose D. Balls”.

And I have another spam here, this one advertising an online casino, from one “Ogre Beer”. Now I suddenly have the mental image of Shrek downing a mug of booze.

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