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What’s new in my life

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 5:26 pm

Yes, as you can probably tell, not much of note has really been going on in my life lately; all but one post have scrolled off the past week’s highlights on my blog’s index page. There’s been quite a bit of homework, the occasional exam, and hanging out with friends every once in a while when I’m free… yeah, it’s basically the same as usual.

But that won’t be the case this weekend. The aforementioned friends have gotten me addicted to the art of Japanese animation, and I’ll be going up with them to Atlanta for Anime Weekend Atlanta. I’ll admit, for someone who’s never been to any fan conventions– anime or otherwise– that some of the events sound like they’ll be extremely fun (and that assessment is borne out by the opinions of friends who have been to such conventions, heh). The problem, of course, will be getting all my stuff together before I leave, keeping myself organized during the weekend, and making sure that everything I take along comes back with me. I’m so disorganized, I know… ::sigh::

Oh, and I’m also hoping that I don’t get assigned all too much homework over the weekend, since I’ll be returning to campus late Friday afternoon; I know that there’s something coming in Music Theory, at least…

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