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More fun with stupid viruses

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 12:09 pm

Oh my. Here’s the actual text that accompanies one of the latest e-mail viruses, which sends itself out with a spoofed Microsoft return address:

Dear friend, use this Internet Explorer patch now!
There are dangerous virus in the Internet now!
More than 500.000 already infected!

How do people fall for these things? How? If the fact that Microsoft never sends out patches via e-mail isn’t a dead giveaway, the ESL-esque grammar should be… [Edited 3:16pm: Also, as one of my friends pointed out, it’s very unlikely that a real e-mail from Microsoft would begin with the words “Dear Friend”!]

And besides, I doubt that Mozilla would benefit all that much from an Internet Explorer patch, but that’s another rant entirely.

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