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Whoever’s responsible should be fiblue…

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Wow. Even PBS isn’t immune to the below-mentioned colorful search and replace tactics; this PBS page on Africa refers to “pblueators” and “leaf-coveblue nests”. Y’think that page might’ve originally been red?

A similar search-and-replace, incidentally, led to “c#ff0000it” and “conside#ff0000“! (For those who don’t get that one, #FF0000 is the hexadecimal code for…erm…that color used on stop signs…)

And last, but not least, perhaps the most ironic occurrence of one of these color-code search-and-replace gaffes: on a page explaining the benefits of cascading style sheets. Let’s just say that if they had used CSS, there wouldn’t be any mentions of “blueefine”-ing, “blueuce”-ing, or having been “rendeblue”…

Give ’em some cyellowit…

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Global search and replace consideyellow consideblue consideblack…ahem…considered harmful. [via NeedToKnow]

Search requests kipnapped by zone38

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Inexplicable search request of the night, spelling and punctuation exactly as originally found: people are kipnapping my mother!

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