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The most wonderful translation of the year?

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I know, I know, it’s the wrong time of year, but I simply can’t pass up blogging this link I stumbled across today. Suffice it to say that Christmas songs just don’t sound the same after being run through Babelfish

And yes, “Native White Man” is in fact one of the carols listed. Hehe.


Mozilla and Explorer Reunited?

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I love Windows XP, but sometimes it does the strangest things. Apparently tonight the taskbar got a bit confused and grouped one of the Mozilla windows on my desktop as if it were an instance of Windows Explorer. What’s even stranger is that the other Mozilla window I had open was grouped correctly…

Spammers…will they ever learn?

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A tip to idiot spammers: If you’re going to be advertising an e-text about US government grants, it’s probably best not to send your ad from a Ukrainian reply-to address ( and through a mail relay which claims to be in Japan (…

10 Items Or Fewer

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I just saw an MSN banner ad which promoted the fact that Microsoft’s service offers “less busy signals” than its main competitor.

Am I the only one who finds this a bit jarring? It’s fewer, people!

(And besides, I’m quite pleased with the lack of busy signals on my broadband service, thank you very much. Heh.)


What we students knew all along…

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Go figure; a recent study has shown that high-school students tend to know more about technology than their teachers.


Are you codeman-compatible?

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A couple interesting links culled from Kat‘s blog:

  • How similar and/or compatible are you with me? Find out at (Incidentally, I was 91% similar to and 91% compatible with Kat. Figures. :))
  • Y’know those “common bonds” categories on Jeopardy? Wanna see if artificial intelligence is any match for game show contestants? Check out Google Sets and see. ‘Tis a shame, as Kat points out, that it didn’t recognize the names or winning words of National Spelling Bee contestants– though it did recognize the Semisonic song titles and Chinese entrées that I typed in…

One for the Computer Stupidities file…

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From an e-mail notice sent out by my ISP:

To make sure that you continue to have a high-quality experience with your [ISP] email, we will begin automatically emptying all WebMail trash folders on a daily basis, beginning July 5, 2002. Please do not place items in the WebMail trash folder that you would like to keep.

Is it just me, or does the whole premise of this warning sound like the basis for a Computer Stupidity?


English la Dubya

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Can’t get enough of President Bush’s interesting uses of the English language? Check out for a whole load of quotations, nicely categorized for easy browsing.


Mozilla 1.0!

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It’s official: Mozilla is no longer in the beta stage. Go get your copy of Mozilla 1.0 now!


Can you spell ESPN?

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This may be one of the most amusing articles on the National Spelling Bee that I’ve read: "Great sports any way you spell it". (Thanks to Ari Goldstein, who says he found out about the link from Bee staffer William Dolan.)

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