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Stupid Spam, Again

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 11:41 pm

Here’s the actual text of a “medical” spam e-mail that I just received. Misused apostrophes, commas used as apostrophes, misused quotation marks, stupid misspellings…wow, this runs the whole gamut of stupid proofreading.

I guess it’s true: spammers really aren’t the brightest bulbs in the box, so to speak.

Edited 2005/01/20 to add: I was sent a cease-and-desist notice by a company which shall remain unnamed, claiming that the spam snippet I had originally posted in this entry violated their trademarks. This, despite the fact that I cannot find anything even remotely resembling the trademarks mentioned in what I quoted. I’ll investigate this further, and may restore it upon further analysis…

Edited 2006/11/02 to add: I had totally forgotten about this post, but to be honest, I thought the company in question didn’t have a legal leg to stand on in the first place even when I received the C&D notice (no doubt they found the original spam with a web search for a certain product name, and didn’t do any further investigation). So I’m reposting the file with a very clear disclaimer at the beginning…and blocking search engine hits to the file in robots.txt just for good measure, so it has to be found through this post.


Redundancy of the day

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 5:48 pm

Redundancy of the day, heard during the play-by-play commentary for a soccer game: “He’s overjoyed with excitement!”

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