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I discovered something really strange

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 6:37 pm

I discovered something really strange about the cordless phone in my room a couple days ago.

It seems that the ringer on my phone is triggered by the same radio frequency as that of my dorm neighbors’ phone. Several times, while I’ve been in the shower (from inside which I can hear what’s going on in both rooms), I’ve heard my neighbors’ phone ringing, and at the same time I’ll hear my own phone start ringing as well. And as soon as the neighbors answer the phone, my phone stops ringing, of course.

And if that doesn’t prove it, this should: Earlier this week the campus network was inaccessible, and I was forced to use a dial-up internet connection. That, of course, required unplugging my phone from the wall. At one point I decided to take a quick restroom break– and sure enough, while I was in there, not only did the neighbors’ phone start ringing, but so did mine. While it was disconnected, mind you.

I guess that would explain all those times it seemed as if someone had called and then hung up as soon as I answered. But it sure is a pain trying to figure out when I really am getting a call and when it’s only a false alarm…

Y’know, I just realized a

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 3:27 pm

Y’know, I just realized a couple hours ago that it would be really cool to get some geeky friends together and play a homebrew version of MST3K with the afternoon soap operas. Actually, I think that’s about the only entertainment value that most of my friends and I could get out of a soap opera, but that’s another story…

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