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Some spammers just don’t have

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Some spammers just don’t have a clue.

Why do I say that? I just received an e-mail on my Yahoo account, identifying itself as a “Hotmail Special Offer”.

D’oh. ::hits Delete key::

Well, to coincide with the

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Well, to coincide with the start of the month, I’ve decided to start a weblog on my site. If you’ve never heard of yet, go there now; it’s quite a "killer app" for sites like this. But anyway…

First of all, congratulations to all of the 248 people who’ve been participating in the National Spelling Bee for the past few days. Seriously, you all rule. (Granted, I say this as a former spelling bee contestant myself, so I may be a bit biased. But still…)

Second, check out this article from my local newspaper: Dog chews off woman’s lower lip. I’m definitely sending this one to Dave Barry; it’s simply too good to pass up. (Seriously, though– how could this woman not have noticed? Must have been some wicked powerful medication…) [UPDATE 01/22/2002 – The Macon Telegraph’s site has been reorganized, causing the above link to no longer work; I’ve replaced the link with a Wayback Machine-archived copy.]

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