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I don’t know why I

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I don’t know why I remembered this at such a late hour, but the local Sam’s Club store has several Game Boy Advance games on sale. No, that’s not a typo, nor is it a misreading on my part; the boxes were clearly labeled “Game Boy Advance”, and the screenshots on the backs proved it. (The titles available were Earthworm Jim, Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure, and some shoot-em-up whose name I can’t recall at the moment.)

Anyway, the point is, they have games available for a system that isn’t even out yet. Heck, they weren’t even selling the system.

Is this some sort of conspiracy? I guess we’ll find out later this month, heh…

Heh. I just came across

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Heh. I just came across this Flash animation: The $20,000 ZIG. If you loved “All Your Base…”, you’re really going to enjoy this. [Thanks to for the link.]

Think you feel pressured whenever

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Think you feel pressured whenever you have to spell a word correctly? This Washington Post article tells how the stress is even worse for those of us who’ve participated in the National Spelling Bee. [Thanks to Yan for the link.]

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