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  1. Adrian

    Thanks for introducing me to the term “garden path sentence.”


  2. Momonga

    Here via TV Tropes, where I’m known as Momonga… another Cloudcuckoolander and neuro-atypical.

    Anyway, that made me laugh. I didn’t look at the article, but I could figure out what the terms means from the context. The character Al from the show Quantum Leap often does something very similar when he’s reading information from the mini-computer Ziggy. “Two years later, he ended.” (Pause as Al scrolls down) “His career in the Navy and retired.”

    If you ever get bored drop me an e-mail; I really want to talk to other tropers (besides the ones I know in (Sur)Real Life). Except, paradoxically, my desire to talk to people I don’t know probably makes me seem scary.


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