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Letters to the World » Going good on the cup, and other text-message follies

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Going good on the cup, and other text-message follies

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 10:07 pm

Found via the always interesting Languagehat blog, here’s an entertaining post on some odd linguistic trends that can be traced to predictive text messaging.

I already mentioned this in the comments to the original post, but I’m guilty of one of these myself. I’m sure I’ve confused some people by informing them that I would be good before the hour was out. What I meant, of course, was that I would be home (they’re both 4663), but my phone had no way of reading my mind. Moreover, I’m usually going good by way of the cup— both ‘bus’ and ‘cup’ are 287, naturally.

Those are at least understandable. On the other hand, I have no idea why my phone thinks that Kroger, where I frequently get groceries, should be ‘Kpngfs’… obviously, I can understand it not recognizing a proper name, but why translate it into that unpronounceable mess? Particularly given that I cannot think of one English word that starts in ‘kp’, much less ‘kpn’…

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