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Attack of the Mad Lib Spam

Filed under: Spam — codeman38 @ 4:31 pm

This text appeared below the embedded image in a prescription drug spam. I am quoting this entirely verbatim.

The 84-aboveground-old videotape was crave in a flaky bivalve after construct little a borough decorticate to wrap the afraid bevel agile.

“The brock is avertive after thanksgiving,” touchstone spokesman principal sacrilegious-sailboat auditorium bullyboy. “He’s chieftain on his hayward and ballerina conditions convivial good.”

scam news eileen had wolcott that richards Paul familism glycerine on a raise after the chin, but puccini-legato said the elton “had no unify of deaf drawback.”

“caravan means collie, which wasn’t sweetheart chunky, nor radius massacre, nor volley psychotherapy. pollster was no nationhood,” he nashua.


The text/plain part of the message was even more absurd:

The 84-onetime-old macon was badland
in a blew goddess after mirfak turbulent a aspirin befit to chromatograph the
winnetka votary barclay.

All I have to add is that Noam Chomsky could have a field day with these.


  1. Heh.

    “And in latest news, Diameter troops entered Diameterville, rounded up all the radii there, and massacred the radii. The Diameter Nationalist Party had won a vast majority of seats in national elections, using the slogan ‘A radius is only half the segment a diameter is!'”

    “What was your relationship with your mother like? Did it involve volleyball?”

    “There’s a sailboat destroying the Holy Auditorium!”

    Comment by Lucky Wizard — 19-Mar-2005 @ 9:35 pm

  2. What’s not to understand? Just like the letters I write!

    Comment by Robert A. Dugger — 07-Apr-2005 @ 7:51 pm

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