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Just when you thought things were getting back to normal…

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Found via my LiveJournal blogroll:

US Preparing for Military Draft in 2005

I really hope that the situation described in this article doesn’t end up materializing. Exactly why do we need a military draft all of a sudden? I’m… absolutely speechless.

Personally, I’m of the belief that drafts actually lower the overall competency of the military to a degree. In my view, it seems better to have a smaller military made up of those who are actually good at what they’re doing than to have a bunch of inept folks like myself who are so emotionally overloaded that we’d have difficulty firing on the enemy and so directionally impaired we’d end up attacking our own barracks.

::grumbles, mutters:: I also detest the people who say things to the effect that I’ll never understand what it’s like for those in the military until I’ve been there. From everything I’ve seen of it (dramatizations and documentaries alike), I would not want to subject myself to such a life; it’s just not the sort of thing that my personality type is suited for, really. Yet seeing these realistic depictions of war doesn’t reduce my opinion of the military; indeed, it gives me great respect for the people involved, willing to do something that’s so dangerous, so dependent on the quick, unthinking reflexes that I lack.

Also worth noting is that some of the rumors about this planned draft claim that the government will be focusing on people with skills in computer programming and linguistics. Now, admittedly, if I were to be drafted, I’d much rather be doing my wartime efforts on a computer terminal rather than on the battlefields, but even still, it’s rather worrisome. Perhaps the government doesn’t realize how clever programmers and linguists often tend to be– ever hear the stories of hackers who hid secret ‘back doors’ in the products they worked on, or of translators who knowingly botched translations in order to subvert communications?

::sigh:: I really hope this draft that’s being mulled doesn’t end up coming to fruition; there are just so many things wrong with the way that those responsible have planned it out.

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