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They’ve Got Game

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Today’s youngsters express their opinions on the electronic games of the late ’70s and early ’80s… quite amusing. And to think I grew up playing some of these. (via MetaFilter)

Now you can pick up anything!

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I finally have a scan of one of the most common yet most infamous translation horrors, which I picked up while eating a couple nights ago: yes, it’s that one chopstick wrapper. Marvel at all the horribly mangled misspellings and stilted grammar found therein.

The sad thing is that I’ve seen several variations of this package, each one having a different set of typos. It’s insane; really, it is. This version is the one with the highest number of errors in this particular selection of text, and I can confirm that it’s most definitely still in circulation.

It’s too bad that the other side of the package only had Chinese characters on it, and not the classic bit of Engrish mentioning the “glorious Chinese history and cultural” (with widely varying spellings of “glorious” and “cultural”, naturally) that’s usually found on the opposite side…

For those who can’t read the text in the above-linked image, here’s a transcript, with all spacing, punctuation, and typographical errors intact:

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