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But does it explain Strong Sad’s shyness?

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Two interesting links from today’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

The Shyness Trap — “Evidence is building that he’s right, that brain biology may explain why at least 30 percent of people are extremely shy, so introverted that many choose careers or just naturally evolve into jobs and lifestyles that suit their personalities and let them avoid situations that can literally make them squirm: like meetings, making presentations, giving speeches or just interacting with others.”

‘Toon Bros. — “Somewhere in Free Country USA, Pom-Pom is being quietly intelligent, Strong Bad is answering e-mail from his adoring fans, and Homestar Runner is doing . . . something. Probably something stupid, for all Internet users to see. This is the world of”

Solve one problem, introduce another…

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I just got a spam for one of those keychains that light up and beep if you whistle within a reasonable distance. I’ve seen these things in stores before, and honestly, I think that they’re a great idea for those of us, like myself, who are absent-minded and frequently lose such things as keychains. And I might even buy one, except for one slight problem: in my nearly 21 years on this earth, I’ve never quite been able to get the hang of whistling…

Of course, there’s also the fact that I’d probably end up losing my keychain several rooms, if not several blocks, away… but that’s another rant entirely.

Weird dreams

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Hm. I just got up from about an hour-long nap, and… ::blink:: I can’t remember everything about what I was dreaming, but I know I had been dreaming, and it was very odd.

For one thing, the dream was a recursive one, with multiple levels at that: a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream, et cetera. In each dream, I was at home, but it was a surreally different version of the house; perhaps my room was rearranged or painted a different color, or perhaps everyone was standing outside and talking in the middle of the night. I distinctly remember that in one of the levels, some of the living room furniture had been moved into the bathroom, which had been remodelled to look more like a living space, and in another, the door to my dad’s bedroom instead led outside the house (and had inexplicably been left open).



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The flavor of the day at a local ice cream shop which shall remain unnamed:

Fugde Marble

How do they not notice these things when they’re putting up the signs?

Oh-oh, another Babelfish bug

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Wow. Here’s an interesting bug I discovered tonight: translate some form of the word “occasional” into Portuguese and back, and the resulting English word will start with the number zero rather than the letter O. Yes, 0ccasional!

Even more amusing, though, is this translation which is solely the result of an ambiguity in the French language: “I feel fine” translates into French as “je me sens très bien”, which in turn translates back to English as “I smell myself very well”! Yes, for those who haven’t taken French, the same reflexive verb, se sentir, can mean “to feel (an emotion)” and “to smell oneself”…

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