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Fritish? Brench?

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Oops. MP3’s Top 40 chart offers a link to download the latest track by the “incredible French act” Dirty Vegas.

One slight problem– as themselves know, Dirty Vegas are from London.

Of monkeys and pants

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“I’ve got monkeys in my pants.” A funny line in itself, but even more amusing when it’s uttered by an animal smuggler who’s completely telling the truth.

‘Twould’ve been really funny if he had some weasels stuffed down there as well. If only because Dave Barry would’ve had a field day with it.

[via Fark]


What’s witd tdat?

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More fun witd tde inappropriate use of search-and-replace algoritdms. Here, several people’s misguided attempts to change HTML table headers (represented by the HTML tag <th>) to ordinary table cells (represented by <td>) have caused their writing to spontaneously develop a thick Brooklyn accent.

Finalized finals and advert mpresionism

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Well, my fall semester finals are over. You may now collectively breathe a sigh of relief. I feel like I did quite well, even on the dreaded programming final I mentioned a few days ago, but only time will tell what grades I’ve received.

Second, on a completely unrelated note, I was just reminded of an interstitial ad that I’ve been seeing on the web quite a bit lately which annoys my compulsive proofreading sensibilities. OK, so it’s not as much an example of bad proofreading as it is of the impending doom of the English language as we know it <sly grin>– but I’ll gladly admit that I had never seen the abbreviation “mpresd” until this ad came along.


The Big Two-Oh

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Well. It’s quite a lucky Friday the 13th for yours truly; I’ve turned 20 years old today. The big two-oh (not, of course, to be confused with Big-Oh, something which will cause me endless grief on this upcoming Monday’s programming exam). No longer a teenager (not, of course, that I really did much teenager-like stuff while I was one, but that’s another rant entirely). One more year and I’ll be able to imbibe some potent potables, as Jeopardy! likes to call them; not that I’ve really ever wanted to…

Appropriately enough, one of my birthday presents was the much-hyped 20th Anniversary edition of Trivial Pursuit. That’s my entire lifetime covered by that game– a thought which is at once both astonishing and scary.

Now I only have to get to the point where I actually feel like I’m twenty years old. Right now, it doesn’t feel all too different from being nineteen.


Land of the free?

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An interesting and thought-provoking little Flash animation criticizing the “technical difficulties” brought about by America’s government. Well worth sharing, in my opinion, and with a clever URL to boot. (via boingboing)

Buckaroo Bonzi?

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 9:13 am

Yay. Finally. Someone is suing one of those companies who come up with those absolutely idiotic fake-dialogue-box banner ads:

SPOKANE — A law firm has sued a California software manufacturer [Bonzi Software] for fraud, alleging that Internet advertising banners that impersonate computer error messages are deceptive. The banners have headings that read “Security Alert,” “Warning” and “Message Alert” with such messages as: “Your computer is currently broadcasting an Internet IP address. With this address, someone can immediately begin attacking your computer.”

At least I now know who to boycott because of those ads. Not that I was really interested in that blasted purple ape, anyway… [via Bonehead of the Day]

Netscape stops the pops

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Heh. I see that Netscape has finally given in and included Mozilla‘s pop-up blocking features in Netscape 7.01 (albeit with a newly designed preference UI), a feature which, as I commented before, they rather shadily left out of the original 7.0 release. A reaction to users’ nearly unanimous complaints about the missing feature, I wonder?

Either way, it’s yet another reason people might want to make the switch to Mozilla, even if it is in the rather commercialized version which Netscape provides…


Madder than a wet…piano?

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Let this be a lesson: Steinways, Stravinsky, and sprinklers don’t mix. I suppose all that water would make the piano really dissonant… (via


Spammors arr stuped

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 2:22 pm

Heh. I’ve already admitted many times to having looked at spam just to see how inane the advertised “offers” actually were.

Today, I got a spam offering to add e-commerce functionality to my site. All fine and dandy, except that first of all, I don’t really have anything to sell, and second, even if I did, I wouldn’t exactly want to partner with someone having the domain “”, considering the subject of one major section of my site.

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