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Search Requests Agogo

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 7:59 pm

Yet another round of Weird Search Requests…

  • hinded rooms – No, I don’t know what they were searching for. I only know that on the page in question, “hinded” was part of a bit of Anguish Languish which I used to demonstrate the concept of mondegreens.
  • offender OR tara OR proofreader OR instructions OR reformulating – Well, I’ve tracked down at least one of the sources of these random, inexplicable searches: Jamie Zawinski’s Web Collage. Interesting stuff, and makes for some hilarious search requests to be found in server logs, at that.
  • bah “i know the pieces fit” – Apparently not a fan of Tool’s “Schism”…
  • myriad font download – For the last(?) time: No, I do not have Adobe’s Myriad font available for download here. I simply mentioned the words “myriad” and “font” on the same page, with no real connection to one another. Yes, I have a licensed copy of the Myriad font on my own computer, included with Adobe PhotoDeluxe. Got that?

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