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More search requests

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 8:43 pm

Heh. It’s time for another round of interesting search requests…

  • A Polish Google user came across my site by searching for another world cody— an unusual search until you realize that “Another World” is the title of a video game and “cody” is not only my name but also the Polish word for “codes”. What’s especially amusing is that, in my younger years, I used to be able to remember tons of obscure video game cheats; go figure.
  • Several more searches for that perennial Dave Barry line, “There’s a weasel chomping on my privates“– one of which traces to an IP address in Japan, no less.
  • Connection is dropped at random times while connected – Yes, I had used all these words on my blog about a week ago. Just not in any sort of order.
  • “super marion bros” – Hey, I’ll admit that it’s a pretty easy typo to make, since even Nintendo Power was guilty of it
  • “proofreading” +carrot – I wonder whether this is a really bad pun, a typo on “caret”, or a reference to the perpetually amusing Song of Carrot Game. Or perhaps all three.
  • And finally: usage of oneth in a sentence. My advice? Don’t.

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