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More from the ‘messed-up spam names’ department…

Filed under: Spam — codeman38 @ 11:30 am

Subject: leew Uncle Rummie’s Hangover Pills! awngap
From: “Davy Btipn” <>
To: “Frances Vixetzkn” <>

Subject: osin Softwares CDS all software under $15 and $99! bylm
From: “Dora Fywohat” <>
To: “Nora Yoolad” <>

Subject: Fwd: cyni New Cialis. Best price. tlyglii
From: “Doris Lwcur” <>
To: “Elvira Oealbl” <>

Subject: oprw New Maxaman — enlargge your pppenis naturally! pfuryi
From: “Ottilia Eafoeu” <>
To: “Colette Vrmpl” <>

I’m not exactly sure that Elvira and Colette are the right people to be targeting with these ads…

Subject: Fwd: rtink ALL SOFTWARE AT ONE PAGE! Great prices. Special offer for! itokep
From: “Siegfried Nck” <>
To: “Algernon Opeckaxe” <>

“I must say that I normally do not buy software on the internet, but I sure am glad I found OEM SOFTWARE. Not only was the price unbeatable, but the customer service is better. I was very pleased with the results of my orders, and will refer all friends to order from them. Thank you!”
Aurora Vu’lzemd

“Algernon Opeckaxe”. For some reason, that amuses me. And check out the surname of that satisfied customer!

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