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A new kind of spam gibberish

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Once again, other than the redacted URL, this is entirely verbatim. I think there were more words that were supposed to be randomly chosen from arrays of synonyms in a lot of places, but somehow those words were never inserted… thus leaving this spam a bunch of complete nonsense.

Subject: Become an investigator
From: “deidre carter” <>
To: “Sherri George” <>


let go I held for .

thank you enough for me in this . You have given me a on life. Already
twice as much as I in my old job.

I a . Taking home in 18 months. in this . and I am a hero to the and
to my . What an to be in.

exactly what your me to do, . I go to the and locate all of the I can

I your advanced reporting services to find all . Using your fill in the
blank forms I to the appropriate firms. Then the funds arrive to my PO Box.
Its like magic. .

I can take a holiday when ever to do so. and this year.

this letter to others. This profession is so it needs many more of us
assisting the courts and the people who have been .


This be you!

to below where we provide you more indepth about our at 0 outlay or .
You do not have to lose and to .

[url deleted]
to more or to receiving and then to see location

You can make a pie of that fellow on the ground. No! We eat you, cried the
chief, angrily

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