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More proof of Rule 1: Spammers are stupid

Filed under: Spam — codeman38 @ 8:46 pm

LOL. Someone’s trackback-spamming my blog with a link to “http://thebest-pills/weight-loss-pills.html”. I’m not leaving anything out of that URL– that’s exactly what they posted.

Yes, that’s right. No top-level domain whatsoever. Talk about pointless spam.

The non-driver’s lament, part n^x

Filed under: Car-Free,General — codeman38 @ 7:45 pm

Well, I’m visiting UGA‘s campus right now, and the good news is, I think I can get around the campus fairly well now.

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about going off campus: not only do the city buses not run on Sundays, they also don’t run after around 6:30 PM. There go all my plans for nighttime mall trips. (And the street on which the mall is located is hardly pedestrian-friendly, I should add… besides, it’s an insanely long distance from campus.)

I hate this world sometimes.

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