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Stocks… medications… same difference, right?

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I always knew the stock spammers and medication spammers had to be in cahoots…

As usual, I’ve obfuscated the domain names to avoid drawing any undue attention to the spammers’ sites. Everything else, of course, is verbatim as usual.

Subject: HOt penny st0ck pick fue|ed by high demand
From: “Harlan Beach” <>

SAVE-BiG 0nl|NE Ph4rm4cy
We sell Brand Name FDA Approved Meds At Aff0rdable Prices.
S$ve up to 80% compared to normal rates.

- World wide shipping
- No Doctor Visits
- No Prescriptions
- Next Day Priority Shipping
- Discreet Packaging
- Buy in Bulk and Save!

** With Fast FEDEX Shipping **

0rder ONl|ne Here ---> http://9349.mdg00ds.###/g00ds/

Best meds for Pain And Mens Health are available here!

SAVE-BiG Rx is your convenient, safe and private 0nline source for
FDA approved ph4rm4cy prescripti0ns. We sell brand-name and exact
generic equivalents of US FDA approved prescription drugs through
our fully-licensed overseas ph4rm4cy. Upon approval of your medical
information, a licensed physician will issue a free prescripti0n
which can be filled and shipped to you in one business day.

No thanks: http://74sk.mdg00ds.###/1/

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