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Two spams, which obviously are from the same source, taken from my junk mail folder tonight:

Subject: Don’t fall iinto the hype
From: “Kris Jimenez” <>

Dear did,

You have been pre ap proved for a new Home 1oan at a 1ow F1xed Rat4.
This ooooffer is being ex. tended to you un condiiitionally and your creeeed1t is in no way a fact0r.

To take Advaaaantage of this opp ortun1ty

All we ask is that you vis1t at


Mitch Newman
dome bogy

And the second:

Subject: The news is gooood on the economy Betty
From: “Noreen Barrett” <>

Dear rectangular,

The time is now to to take Advaaantage of this 0pp ortun1ty to re. fi your home.
Don’t wait for the feds to raise the r@tes. You won’t regre it, I promise

you can vis1t us at


Angela Milligan
teratogenic luftwaffe

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