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AWA 10 photos!

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Still no trip report, but at least I’ve finally posted some pictures of my costume. First off are these that I took myself:

Standing outside the dealer’s room. The costume was a bit of a mess in this one; I only realized how much of a mess it was after the fact.
In the hotel room. Not too bad, considering I took it using the self-timer feature on my camera…

And here are two others, thanks to Sarah:

Sitting down outside the dealer’s room. This is probably the best-looking of the pictures.
In the hotel room.

Plus, three bonus pictures of random cosplayers that I happened to get pictures of:

Alucard from Hellsing. (As an aside, this just happened to be the 666th picture taken on my digital camera…)
Risky & Safety from, well, Risky Safety.
Two Tetris blocks! One of the most imaginative costumes, to be sure…

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