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More fun with TV commercial music

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 11:22 pm

OK, so I knew that the song in the first Mitsubishi “See What Happens” ad was “Ballroom Blitz” by the Sweet. That was all fine and dandy. But Mitsubishi recently released a second ad in that same series, this one set to a different tune.

And worse, there wasn’t exactly much to go by in the ad as it aired on TV; all that was played was the intro, with a guitar riff and some “yeah-yeah-yeah”-ing. Not very good for a lyric search, you’ve gotta admit. And Mitsubishi’s site offered no song ID either.

However, more of the song in question is played in the commercial on the site, and I managed to make out a few lyrics, namely “scream and shout” and “out of control”. (Cursed auditory processing disorder…) Anyway, that seems to have been enough; Googling for those relatively common phrases, coupled with “lyrics”, led me to a lyric transcription that seemed to fit– namely, Devo’s “Uncontrollable Urge”. I thought it sounded vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t place it…

And thus, we have another mystery solved for all those people out there in Google-land searching for Mitsubishi commercial music. Woohoo. 😉

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