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I pity all the spam recipients with severe dyslexia…

Filed under: Spam — codeman38 @ 1:20 am

The actual text of a spam I received today… I swear, eventually spam will be so utterly obfuscated that it will literally be unreadable.

Actually, scratch that; I’ve already encountered quite a few spams that were unreadable in my mail client of choice…

Subject: amigo mcclellan
From: “Dollie Lang”


Susper chamrge your louve lidfe!
Ordder your Vaiagbra and Seupfer Vikagjra sahfely and securmely onlixne.

Ciwaltis (Suhper Vipaegra) takes affzect rigrht away and laists for dajys!
Enntver Hesre

Gefnedric Vicagdra coqsts 60% lesds, sajve lots of caish!
Ednther Hemre

Both prodbucts shinpped discrletely to your doior

Not itnreseted
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