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Still more ridiculous spamonyms– that is, the pseudonyms found in the “From” field of spams:

“Instrumentals S. Scrabbles”
“Berlioz H. Sumner”
“Gnashing I. Superficiality”

Blogularity, Part II

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Oh, in other news, my site’s made the blog rounds again; this time, it was the Proofreader’s Hall of Shame that got linked on J-Walk,’s Web Junkie and Bloggerheads, along with a fairly good number of lower-profile sites…


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If I get any more of these stupid e-mail viruses of the month– Beagle, Novarg, and all of their clones– in my mailbox, I’m going to scream.

You’re just needlessly taking up bandwidth, people. And at 30-odd kilobytes per message, it really adds up.

And a special bonus gripe goes out to all of the e-mail servers which return undeliverable mail to the “sender” with all attachments intact. That practically doubles the number of copies of these blasted things that I get…

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