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Why I Hate Viruses

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 11:44 pm

So, why the dearth of blog posts lately, you ask? No, it’s not because of an overabundance of homework, nor is it because I’ve been particularly busy in the past week.

No, rather, it’s because I’ve been getting transfer rates that sometimes reach below one kilobyte per second over the residence hall network, thanks to the insane spread of such worms as MSBlast and SoBig.

On the bright side, however, it seems that tech support has finally gotten an idea of how bad things have become; they’ve sent students door-to-door to pass out information on protecting computers from the aforementioned worms and from further infestation. Perhaps in a week, we’ll see some improvement in that regard…

Speaking of SoBig, incidentally: if you, or any mailing lists you’re on, receive any very vague e-mails from featuring a suspicious-looking attachment, don’t open it. This should be obvious, but it bears repeating. I only use the blog address as an inbox, never for outgoing mail– yet I’ve already gotten several bounce notifications at that address for messages I never sent in the first place, along with 20 or so virus-generated messages with other spoofed addresses (but with the actual attachment stripped by the mail server).

Oh, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees the utter stupidity in including potentially virus-infected attachments in a message bounced back to its apparent sender; someone made a comment of a similar nature in the latest Risks Digest.

Sound familiar? It is. I posted a very similar rant several months ago after getting fed up with the number of copies of Klez I was receiving. I guess some things just never change…

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