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Signs of the times

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Busy Marquee: a collection of photos of marquees that have been anagrammed by pranksters. I’ve been tempted to do something along these lines a number of times, wordplay geek that I am, but I’ve never actually followed through with it… [via In4mador]

The taste of ink…printed in video game fonts?

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Amusing search request of the day: +the used +video +download

How does it relate to my site, you ask? Well, because this searcher didn’t put “The Used” (the name of a rock band, for those who don’t follow such things) in quotes, the results included the fonts used in video games available for download from my site…

In yet more search request news (can you tell I’m bored?), some person went through fifteen pages of results for the utterly inexplicable miss entraNCING and ended up at a couple of old blog entries on bizarre Flash animations and directional impairment. Very puzzling indeed…

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