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Time for some metacognition…

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My results on the Mind Media Brain Persuasion test, a meme that’s been going around quite a few blogs, with my own comments in italics:

Auditory : 54%
Visual : 45%
Left : 23%
Right : 76%

Auditory 54%? I can see how they could label me as right-brained; my mind works in a rather “ADD-ish” way, for lack of a better explanation. But I’ve always thought of my primary style of thinking as verbal-visual. Then again, in a non-verbal capacity– for example, instrumental music or abstract art– I do tend to process things better aurally. Go figure; it’s almost the reverse of how most people tend to think…


The fragility of laptops

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Well, after yet another week without any posts, I’m back.

This past weekend has been a bit…hectic, to say the least. Suffice it to say that the display panel on my laptop literally came unhinged; there had been a small crack forming near the hinge, and last Thursday, it had expanded under pressure to the point that the panel broke off, leaving a small piece of plastic attached to the hinge. Yes, the computer still worked, but the damage prevented it from closing, and there were a few wires that ended up being exposed; my best bet was to send it in to the repair center, since it was still under warranty, and that’s exactly what I did. (Incidentally, I handled the call to support quite well, telephonophobe that I am, but that’s another story entirely; perhaps I should devote a post later this week to that topic.)

Anyway, I didn’t realize how useful my laptop has been until this weekend; let’s just say that it can be quite inconvenient to use a shared computer in a room that doubles as a parent’s bedroom. The thing is, it could have been worse; imagine if this had happened during the semester, rather than during summer holidays. This laptop is the computer I use on campus (indeed, it was a part of my scholarship!), and it would have been even more inconvenient for this CS major had the damage occurred as finals were approaching.

Anyway, though, I finally got my computer back this morning, with the back of the display panel replaced and the remnants of the crack in the other side of the panel repaired. Needless to say, I’m quite relieved.

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