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Finals finally finalized

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 11:20 am

The metaphorical fat lady has sung… I’m through with my sophomore year of college, having taken my Music Theory final this morning. I’ll be moving back home this afternoon (ah, the joy of packing up all those boxes just to have to bring them back to the same room next year).

And, well, I have rather mixed feelings about going home this summer.

On one hand, it does mean that I won’t have to do any schoolwork— a nice break, indeed. I’ll be able, in the words of Strong Bad, to sit down and play video games for several hours; I’ll have a chance to sleep in without the annoyance of 8:00 classes; and, well, homemade dinner is still better than the dining hall, even with the improvements that have lately been made to campus dining.

But I’ve also made friends on campus— quite an unusual occurrence for such a shy, asocial geek like me, I must admit. They’re a rather interesting group to hang out with, and I really wish I could see them over the summer… but it just won’t happen. I’ll be stuck at home, spending most of my time either playing the aforementioned video games (Zelda, anyone?) or sitting on my rear end surfing the web and chatting on Instant Messenger; I’ve so few friends back home that it’s going to be rather boring.

But then again, there is the hope of Jeopardy! tryouts (maybe I’ll actually be chosen this time!); there’s also the hope of going to visit my relatives in Boston for the Fourth of July, if Jeopardy! doesn’t conflict. And there’s also the National Spelling Bee coming up in a few weeks— sure, I probably won’t be able to watch it on location, but even watching it on TV brings back some fond memories…

So, yeah, I’m sort of ambivalent about this summer. Let’s just hope there’s more good to be found in it than bad…

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