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Well, I do empathize with the socially inept…

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Is there a neurological difference between women and men? And how does this idea relate to conditions such as high-functioning autism? This rather interesting article by neurologist Simon Baron-Cohen explores these rather interesting questions of neurology and psychology.

Also, be sure to take the test to determine your empathizing and systemizing quotients. Interestingly, I scored rather low on both— 13 EQ (considering the asocial creature that I am, not entirely surprising, though I would have expected it to have been somewhat higher), and 28 SQ (about the average for males).

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  1. 28 EQ and 50 SQ – but I’m not at all sure about the accuracy of tests of this kind; they ALWAYS leave out the “doesn’t apply to me” option, although I haven’t tried simply not checking anything for the statements in question. (oh, and regarding off-by-one errors: YES. Kill them all.)

    Comment by Fuzzpilz — 21-Apr-2003 @ 3:30 pm

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