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Super Bowl Ads 2003

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 10:22 pm

Whee! For once, AOL seems to have done something right: they’re offering some of the more popular Super Bowl ads from this year’s game in downloadable QuickTime format on their website, with no subscription required.

Shame they don’t have the Fed Ex Cast Away ad or Budweiser’s canine dreadlocks or zebra ref, though. Maybe Ifilm’s Superbowl page will post those, and maybe they’ll be in a downloadable form…although I wouldn’t count on it.

UPDATE [11:06 pm]: Yet another site, Advertisement Avenue, has posted some of the Super Bowl ads in RealVideo form. However, these stream via HTTP, so if you feel competent enough, you can fiddle around with your download manager’s settings and save the clips to disk if you want.

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