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The good, the bad and the feline

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Evil the Cat from Earthworm Jim has nothing on this little kitty whose photo was shown on Jay Leno’s Headlines…


Whoever’s responsible should be fiblue…

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Wow. Even PBS isn’t immune to the below-mentioned colorful search and replace tactics; this PBS page on Africa refers to “pblueators” and “leaf-coveblue nests”. Y’think that page might’ve originally been red?

A similar search-and-replace, incidentally, led to “c#ff0000it” and “conside#ff0000“! (For those who don’t get that one, #FF0000 is the hexadecimal code for…erm…that color used on stop signs…)

And last, but not least, perhaps the most ironic occurrence of one of these color-code search-and-replace gaffes: on a page explaining the benefits of cascading style sheets. Let’s just say that if they had used CSS, there wouldn’t be any mentions of “blueefine”-ing, “blueuce”-ing, or having been “rendeblue”…

Give ’em some cyellowit…

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Global search and replace consideyellow consideblue consideblack…ahem…considered harmful. [via NeedToKnow]

Search requests kipnapped by zone38

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Inexplicable search request of the night, spelling and punctuation exactly as originally found: people are kipnapping my mother!


Does that make me any more extroverted?

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Wow. I seem to have somehow managed to Googlebomb the phrase introvert blog. Never did I think that would actually happen…

Accessibility gone horribly wrong

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I just realized something incredibly odd about the layout of one part of my residence hall.

Y’see, certain rooms on the first floor are designated as handicapped-accessible, meaning that not only do they have the necessary amenities for the physically disabled within, they also have doors which will automatically open once unlocked. Makes perfect sense so far, right?

However, there’s one corridor which is only accessible by going down three steps from the front entrance or climbing a flight of stairs to get to the back entrance.

And what’s at the end of that hall? You guessed it. A handicapped-accessible room.

I’d like to know what they were thinking when they designed that. Maybe the three steps down were supposed to have originally been a ramp? Or maybe there’s a temporary ramp which can be used to cover the steps depending upon that room’s occupant? Who knows…

Size does matter…at least for fonts

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As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve fiddled a bit with the font sizing on my weblog (and linked to an external style sheet in the process). But why?

In short, Internet Explorer and a number of other browsers will not resize text to users’ preferences when font sizes have been explicitly specified by a site designer. (Mozilla, naturally, does not exhibit this behavior.) Suffice it to say, this often leads to issues of inaccessibility. Ever tried to zoom in on a page whose content was entirely in 8-point type and found that your size settings had no effect? That’s the exact reason I’ve tweaked my style sheet.


Clandestinely farking Thomas

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Yet another inexplicable search request from the zone38 server logs: thomas is a clandestinely fark. Qué?

Is Mr. Email-to there?

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It seems that spammers’ subject lines just keep getting more and more goofy. Today I received a spam titled “Dear Email to Let me know what you think.” Is that not pitiful?

Does this count as meta-trivia?

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Hm. Rummaging through my search logs again, I find that someone linked to my blog by searching for moops moors jeopardy. Of course, those of you who have seen the Seinfeld episode in question will know that the trivia game in which “Moors” was misprinted as “Moops” was actually Trivial Pursuit

And even more inexplicably: Eh?

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