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Another thing that irritates my

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Another thing that irritates my compulsive proofreading sensibilities: when a translator can’t decide how to transliterate a name and spells it two different ways in the same sentence. Seriously… this happens a lot more than one would expect. Right now, for Great Books class, I’m reading the History of the Peloponnesian War, and I’ve noticed that translator Rex Warner apparently can’t decide how to spell either Cam[a|e]rina or Aristog[e]iton

And the situation was even worse in our humanities textbooks last year. Oftentimes the authors would use the accepted classical spelling of a name in the text, but in the caption of a picture they would spell it using a modern transliteration; one example I remember was when “Polyclitus” was mentioned in the text, illustrated by a statue of “Polykleitos”. I can imagine how this might quite easily confuse some students…

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