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Ten-ten-twelve, who do we not appreciate?

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Dear ‘’ spammers:

If you really wanted me to buy shares of some fly-by-night stock called Southwestern Medical Solutions, the least you could’ve done was to not spoof a very real and completely unrelated domain name in the return address of your spams. It’s not fun receiving twenty or so return-to-sender notices a day on my catchall account, particularly when they all include the 24KB GIF file you embedded your spiel within to avoid filters.

And the fact that you’re sending your mail by exploiting an assortment of infected PCs all over the world, so there’s no trace of where your messages actually originated from? Not fun, either.

At least a Google search informs me that I’m clearly not alone in having my address spoofed. Of course, that just makes it even more of a heinous crime, as far as I’m concerned.

May you be flooded by hundreds of e-mail bounces,

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