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No, the *other* codeman38!

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Hey, kids! It’s mistaken identity time again! Time to shame (but not name, because I’m too nice of a person) those people who are firmly convinced that I’m not who I really am!

This isn’t, for the record, the first time this has happened; back in 2002, I posted a transcript of a similar incident to my site.

Other than altering the username of the mistaken party and asterisking out an expletive (hey, it’s just my personal preference to keep the public parts of this blog on the milder side of PG-13), this is completely unedited…

11:17:09 PM ImWithS2pid: HI
11:17:14 PM codeman38: Hello…
11:17:41 PM ImWithS2pid: Y ARENT U ASLEEP
11:17:47 PM codeman38: Huhh? Who are you?
11:17:50 PM codeman38: It’s only 11:17…
11:18:12 PM ImWithS2pid: MORGAN
11:18:21 PM codeman38: *doesn’t know any Morgans that he can recall*
11:18:40 PM codeman38: are you sure you’re IMing the right person?
11:18:59 PM ImWithS2pid: YA CODY
11:19:06 PM codeman38: Cody, graduate student at UGA?
11:19:46 PM ImWithS2pid: NO CODY GARCIA 6TH GRADE
11:19:52 PM codeman38: Well, I’m not him.
11:19:58 PM codeman38: I’m the graduate student.
11:20:15 PM ImWithS2pid: YA RITE
11:20:34 PM codeman38: …why does nobody believe me when I actually tell who I am?
11:21:21 PM codeman38: particularly since I’ve had this username since 1997?
11:21:30 PM ImWithS2pid: CAUSE ITS NOT TRUE
11:22:10 PM codeman38: So I’m making up my own identity, and I’m actually a sixth-grader who’s been trapped in the body of a graduate student in Georgia? Riiiight.
11:22:56 PM codeman38: Which would be great, if I weren’t a 23-year-old graduate student in Georgia who doesn’t even have the slightest clue who these people are!
11:23:37 PM ImWithS2pid: STOT FU**IN LYIN
11:24:07 PM codeman38: …
11:24:29 PM codeman38: How rude.

And with that, I blocked the person… really, how hard do I have to pretend to be myself to be believed? Maybe if I wrote more like a sixth-grader than a graduate student… except I couldn’t even pull that off as a sixth-grader… :-p

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