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And people buy from these sleazebags?

Filed under: Spam — codeman38 @ 2:11 pm

You know that spammers are starting to get desperate when they spell things in such a manner that you aren’t entirely sure what they’re talking about. “Tigera”? I guess that’s the drug that succeeded Panthera and Jaguara…

And I quote, completely verbatim except for the edited URL:

Subject: Fwd:
From: “Sonia B. Johnson, VI”

Good day sir,

We makes it easy to oer der the mee dica utions you need.

What’s Die abra really like? Ever wonder what it it feels like to take Niu agra? If you have Erei ctile diso function. then go for it.

Best stuff on Tigera only at $ 1.56/ piill, and all others too in same brackets

Try us and you will NOT BE DlSAPOlNTED!

copy the address below and paste in o your web browser:


for 48 hors.


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