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Aiee. I’m such a klutz, it’s pathetic. :-\

Y’see, Mercer University was co-sponsoring a concert by rock band Sister Hazel in the new University Center, and students got free admission as part of the deal. So I decided to go. Though it was a bit loud, I got over it quickly enough, and by the time they got to their biggest hits, I was getting quite heavily into it.

But that’s not what I’m ranting about.

No, I’m ranting about the fact that this event once again proved how much of a klutz I am.

For instance, the concert literally started off with a splash. I had just bought a cup of Coke– the concession stand serves soft drinks in styrofoam cups– and when I sat down, I ended up squeezing the cup so hard that it literally cracked. Let’s just say that having the back of my shorts covered in cola was not exactly the most pleasant experience. >_<

So that wasn’t a good start. I went into the restroom to dry off a bit, and then went back to enjoy the concert… all in all, it was pretty enjoyable. I wandered around, tried to see if there was anyone I knew there, and though none of my really close group of friends was there, I did end up sitting near someone I knew, at least. So that went all right… and besides, it’s not as if conversation was possible given the volume of the concert anyway. 🙂

Then I got up… and only by the time I got to my room did I discover that my mobile phone had somehow fallen out of its holster during the course of the concert. Of course, I should have noticed this much earlier, but that’s what I get for being an unobservant klutz, I guess.

So I went back to the arena to see if I could find it anywhere. No luck. So I went back to my room, resigned, figuring I could probably pick it up in the University Center office before class tomorrow.

And then I said to myself, “Cody, why not try calling your own phone from the dorm? It wouldn’t hurt, anyway.” So I did. And sure enough, someone picked up, letting me know that the phone had been found and that I could pick it up in the ticket office. So I went back to the University Center– thank goodness it’s not a far walk from my apartment!– picked up my phone, and all was right with the world.

(It’s rather amusing, incidentally; as much as I hate telephones and find them inefficient, even I realize how much of a necessity they can be in emergencies. There’s also the fact that I use mine just as often for text messaging, anyway– not to mention the fact that I’m the one paying for it…)

So anyway… yeah, that was my night, in a nutshell. (Why do we say “in a nutshell”, anyway? It’s a rather odd metaphor, when you think about it.) I’m just glad everything ended up working out as it did– it could have been much, much worse…

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