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Finally, a ‘reality’ show for us geeks…

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 12:13 pm

(Edited 2003-02-11 to fix the “celebrity spelling bee” link, which originally had a line break in it that caused it not to work.)

I am not making this up: Fox will be airing a celebrity spelling bee starting this Friday (yes, Friday the 13th– how appropriate…), with semifinals on the following Friday and finals in two weeks.

Gimmicky, you say? Sure, it is; and there couldn’t be a better time for it, what with the hit documentary Spellbound just having been released on video. Ridiculous as the idea of a celebrity spelling competition may seem, I still think I’m going to watch it; first of all, it sounds like there’s a potential for hilarity, especially among some of the more… dense… celebrities, and second, having participated in the National Spelling Bee myself, there’s a certain nostalgia factor to be found in watching such competitions.

A browser by any other name…

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Version 0.8 of Mozilla’s standalone browser, formerly known as Phoenix and Firebird and now known as Firefox, is finally out. Mozilla’s site seems to be overloaded today because of it, but the download mirrors in California and Britain seem to be surviving all the hits…

Edited 12:00pm to add: There’s also a new release of the Thunderbird mail client. Again, here are the mirrors in California and Britain. Also, I changed the second mirror from one in Spain to one in Britain because the latter site seems somewhat faster.

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