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Ya can’t miss it!

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 10:22 pm

Don’t you just hate it when people give directions to a place, and at the end loudly and proudly proclaim that “you can’t miss it”? Trust me, for someone with a sense of direction like mine (which I’m sure I inherited from my mother), you can very easily miss it. Sure, once you find the place, it’s probably quite noticeable; it’s just getting there that’s half the fun. (What good does it do to know that the destination is, say, a bright green house when there are no such houses remotely in sight, after all?)

Seriously, I’ve heard so many people give directions with this little catchphrase tacked on to the end that it’s ridiculous. And more often than not, directions given in such a manner lead me or my mother far from the intended destination. Indeed, a Google search shows that over five thousand people have used this cliché on their sites— a few of them pointing out the trite and often ironic nature of the phrase, but most of them simply using it earnestly.

Of course, I could rant on about my poor sense of direction, but that’s worth another rant altogether. And since a lack of time management skills goes along with it, I’ll probably never get around to it anyway…

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