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More multibabel fun

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 1:11 pm

And you thought the “White Christmas” translation below was amusing? Here’s the actual trace of a MultiBabel translation of “rink”:

Original English Text: rink
Translated to French: patinoire
Translated back to English: skating rink
Translated to German: Eisbahn
Translated back to English: Ice-skating rink
Translated to Italian: rink Ghiaccio-ice-skating
Translated back to English: rink Ghiaccio-ice-skating
Translated to Portuguese: rink queghiaccio-ice-skating
Translated back to English: rink queghiaccio-hoists-skating
Translated to Spanish: pista queghiaccio-alzar-queghiaccio-hoists-skating
Translated back to English: track queghiaccio-to raise-queghiaccio-hoists-skating

And even more bizarre:

Original English Text: rink works
Translated to French: la patinoire travaille
Translated back to English: the skating rink works
Translated to German: die Eisbahn arbeitet
Translated back to English: the ice-skating rink operates
Translated to Italian: il rink ghiaccio-ice-skating funziona
Translated back to English: rink the ice-ice-skating works
Translated to Portuguese: rink gelo-gelo-ice-ice-skating trabalha
Translated back to English: rink ice-ice-hoist-hoists-skating works
Translated to Spanish: trabajos hielo-hielo-alzar-alzar-ice-ice-hoist-hoists-skating de la pista
Translated back to English: works ice-ice-raise-raise-hoist-hoist-hoist-hoists-skating of the track

Thanks to Travholt, who of course is a regular visitor to Works Ice-Ice-Raise-Raise-Hoist-Hoist-Hoist-Hoists-Skating of the Track, for discovering this bizarre Systran bug.


  1. Is this Babelfish jibberish similar in composition to Vogon poetry? lol

    Comment by Toni — 21-Mar-2002 @ 4:18 pm

  2. I dunno, but hey, Vogon poetry *does* have to be listened to through a Babelfish to be understandable. Not that it makes it any better, mind you, but still… 😉

    Comment by codeman38 — 21-Mar-2002 @ 4:26 pm

  3. This Systran bug has since been fixed. Too bad, as it was quite hilarious. 😉

    Also, “vampire” now translates out of German as “vampire” rather than “IrishIrish Irish”.

    Comment by codeman38 — 11-May-2002 @ 1:07 am

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