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101 uses for a wet digicam

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Interesting news story of the day [thanks to]:

We all know that it’s usually not a good idea to drop a top-of-the-line digital camera into the water. But sometimes such things happen by accident. Usually the camera stops working, of course; but if things just happen to work out correctly, it’s quite amazing how the results can turn out

More Engrish

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Just discovered a gallery of horrible mistranslations found in Korea, many of which I haven’t seen on other Engrish sites: Torgodevil.

Stupid advertisements

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I just saw one of the dumbest Internet ads I’ve seen in a good while.

It was selling one of those programs you can download to stop pop-up ads from showing up. (Never mind the fact that I know where you can find such programs for free, and some web browsers have that functionality built in.)

So guess how they chose to advertise this wonderful product? In a pop-up window, of course.

Sure, I can understand the motivations behind the ad. Still, though– maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t exactly trust a pop-up remover whose preferred form of advertising is pop-ups…

More inexplicable search requests

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I know, you probably enjoyed the search requests in the last blog entry. So here are some more interesting and/or just plain inexplicable search requests from my server logs, for your enjoyment:

  • grabbing breakfast on campus – I remember mentioning the breakfast during college orientation in one of my blog entries. I still don’t understand why someone would search for such an arcane topic, though.
  • we all favorite carrot game, – Woohoo. I’ve apparently helped to make a certain bit of Engrish popular… (And the first hit on Google leads to the RinkWorks forum, to boot.)
  • badly translated japanese video games – Wow, I’m on the first page of Google results here too, thanks to a number of references to Zany Video Game Quotes. Oddly, I’m higher-ranked than ZVGQ for that particular search…
  • awful baby names – Granted, I only linked to others’ rants on the subject, but still, the second page of Google results isn’t bad at all…
  • anal retentive dictionary compulsive – Hm, do we spelling bee geeks fall into this category? 😉

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