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OK, so I said I’d

Filed under: General — codeman38 @ 6:27 pm

OK, so I said I’d mention how my driving lesson and college orientation went. So here goes…

I’ll start with my driving lesson, which took place yesterday (Thursday) afternoon. Though it was only an hour long, I can already tell that future private driving lessons will be well worth the price. Suffice it to say that yesterday’s lesson went far better than the lessons my dad’s given me in the past; among other things, there was quite a bit less yelling on the instructor’s part, if you get my drift. 🙂 And not only that, even I felt rather comfortable behind the wheel, something which typically isn’t the case; I had no difficulty staying in the center of the lane or making turns onto traffic-filled roads, and in addition I learned how to better judge my speed while making turns. I even managed to parallel park on my first attempt! ::gasp:: So yes, I do get the feeling that these people really know what they’re doing; in fact, I think that I’ll probably learn enough in only a few more hours’ worth of lessons to finally attempt to take the driving exam, heh.

So why didn’t I post about my successful driving experience yesterday? Simple, really: because I had to get some sleep. After all, I had to get up for summer orientation at Mercer University this morning; and granted, it was a tad inconvenient waking at about 6:00 so that I could be ready in time, but orientation still went rather well nonetheless. I got my class schedule more or less settled; though I’m a little worried that I’m overloading myself by taking too many credit hours of music performance, they’re required courses if I want to have a double major in computer science and music. I guess I’ll figure out whether I need to slack off and switch to a minor in music performance when the fall semester comes around, heh… In addition, I managed to make friends with quite a few fellow Mercerians whom I’d never met before, and continued to talk with those whom I did already know.

So yeah, the day did go rather well, though I’m way too tired now and wouldn’t mind just going to bed early– a result, no doubt, of the combination of my waking early this morning and the near-oppressive Georgia heat in which I stood for a large portion of today’s orientation. Ah, well– after all, what do you expect when it’s Friday the 13th? 🙂

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